Lenovo Yoga 900 screen auto-rotation and touchpad

With the patches so far mentioned on top of Linus’ tree, almost all of the Yoga 900’s hardware works. But there were two pain points:

  • Screen rotation
  • Trackpad on suspend/resume

For the first, I posted several questions to LKML/linux-iio/linux-input because it seemed like `watch -n 0.1 cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device*/*raw*` was not updating on my system. It definitely did at some point, but most recently it was not. Well, I went and grabbed iiotools and after building it with some changes (no longer defined constants), it seems like `lsiio` caused the IIO sensors to unstick. But the /dev/ nodes were still not producing output. Discussing this further upstream, it seemed like a new quirk was needed. After updating my system to Gnome 3.18 with the PPAs for gnome3 and gnome3-staging, and installing iio-sensor-proxy, auto-rotation worked!

For the second, I again worked a bit upstream. It sounds like Linus had hit something pretty similar and a hack/workaround was proposed. A more complete fix (but not yet final) is here, but I expect there to be another version based upon Benjamin Tissoires‘ reply, which will finally close the race with suspend/resume.

This makes me rather hopeful that 16.04 out of the box (well, except maybe the DisplayLink drivers) will be have all the hardware on the Yoga 900 enabled!

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